Monday, June 29, 2015

Lanap Invisalign Veneer Before and After case report

Lanap Invisalign Veneer Before and After case report

This video is a presentation of a Lanap Invisalign Veneer Before and After case report.

Patient presented with Advanced Periodontal Disease anterior cross bite, and small peg shaped lateral Incisors.  X-Rays and Periodontal evaluation were done photography was taken during the periodontal charting before the LANAP procedure.  Invisalign impressions and photography were submitted to Align Technologies.  LANAP was performed Invisalign trays were dispensed the same day as Periodontal surgery.  On finishing the Invisalign, Veneers were prepared and placed 2 veneers were prepared and delivered, new periodontal charting was done.   All treatment was done in the same office of a general dentist no treatment was done at the Orthodontist or Periodontist.  LANAP is a Periodontal procedure that reverses gum disease with the utilization of the Periolase MVP7 developed by Millennium Dental Technologies.  LANAP is always a full mouth protocol.  The Periolase is an ND:Yag laser that has 7 Multi variable Pulse durations specifically designed for the treatment of Periodontal disease.  

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