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This video is about several Periodontists testimonials regarding the Science behind LANAP Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure done with the Periolase MVP7.  LANAP Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure is a minimally invasive gum surgery that does not require scalpels to amputate tissue since scalpels are not used no sutures are needed.   LANAP Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure is regenerative it is a substitute for Bone graft surgery known as Guided Tissue Regeneration GTR.  The advantage to not using bone graft material in the GTR procedure is that no foreign bodies are inserted into the gums avoiding rejection, transmission of Prions and other disease that have been shown to be a risk factor for bone graft products.

There are some in the dental and periodontal community that doubt the effectiveness of   LANAP Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure.  This video was created for the doubting periodontists.  Notice these periodontists are University Professors of Periodontics and they are very clear that the science is sufficient to claim regeneration after Periodontal Disease.

The first periodontist is a professor a two Universities and lectures around the world.  The second Periodontist is also and Orthodontist and a professor of Periodontics at two Universities is clear that there is enough science in the literature that shows  LANAP Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure.  These periodontists gum specialists speak about the differences between traditional antiquated gum surgery and the new and minimally invasive scientifically proven  LANAP Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure.  Evidence based laser periodontal procedure  LANAP Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure is FDA cleared to reverse gum disease.  There can no longer be any doubt that  LANAP Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure works someone can have a different point of view.  Traditional gum surgery does not to be done anymore.  The laser attacks the cause the bacteria.  Laser light energy has an affinity for periodontal pathogens and kills eliminates disposes cleans out periodontal pathogens with no collateral damage to the connective tissue.   LANAP Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure is safe, effective it causes the bacteria to be killed on the spot.  When we eliminate the bacterial assault the patients own ability to heal takes over.  We do not have any of those side effects traditional antiquated painful cut and sew amputations.  NOt all lasers are created equal the physics of different lasers are different.  There is only one FDA cleared for treating periodontal disease.  The only one that has been approved and researched is the Periolase by Millennium Dental Technologies.  Some dental lasers are destructive.  Ask Does my Dentist or Periodontist have a laser?  And ask and make certain it is the periolase by MDT laser.

Gum disease is an infection that causes inflammation of the gums Link between gum disease and your health inflammation affects heart disease.  There is a lot of scientific research to prove  LANAP Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure works and can reverse gum disease infection that spreads throughout the body and can lead to health problems.  No more bleeding gums, bad breath, stronger firmer teeth.

Lasers improperly used can and do burn roots.

The periolase laser can and does selectively remove the epithelial lining of the gums and can disinfect the area deep inside the tissue without affecting the underlying connective tissue. By eliminating the bacteria the patient has the opportunity to heal and regrow bone around the teeth as been show on scientific human histological studies.  

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