Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dental Lasers Depth of Penetration

Nd represents the Periolase the only laser able to do LANAP you can see the depth of penetration can be up to 4 mm. This allows the laser to penetrate into privileged sites deep in the tissue.

Notice the Er being the Erbium (the Syneron, waterlase, Fotana, or Hoya) the CO2 (Deka) have a very shallow depth of penetration.

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  1. So why do you want depth of penetration? And who is priviliged in those sights?

  2. Thank you for the insightful question.

    The laser has a deeper penetration allowing the laser to penetrate into areas that normal techniques and other lasers can not do. If you look at the entry that says, Laser Bacterial Kill, you will see that the ND:Yag had a therapeutic range that was off the chart.

    Privileged sites refer to a Periodontist named Socransky that found bacteria in areas up to 2mm into the tooth and deep inside the gum tissue he called these areas "Privileged Sites"

    Hope this helps

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