Friday, April 10, 2009

Doubting for 8 years

I admit I was a skeptic.

I first looked at the Periolase. You might even have called me a doubting Thomas.
I referred a patient to my periodontist (one of the best in LA, teaches at USC) I knew this patient needed his teeth removed it was confirmed by the perio that he needed implants, and for all the training I had it was a good recommendation.

But the patient didn’t agree he searched for an alternative and found the creator of the LANAP procedure, & had the LANAP done. That was 10 years ago; those loose teeth that I knew needed to be removed are still there and firm. So every 3 months this guy would come into the office I couldn’t deny it had worked for him.

So I started to look into it, because as you know Periodontitis is the #1 cause of tooth loss in adult Americans. And I being a dentist, by definition a dentist doesn’t exist without a patient, and after asking my patients what they wanted from me, the usual response over and over again was “I WANT TO KEEP MY TEETH”, “I WANT TO KEEP MY TEETH”, “I WANT TO KEEP MY TEETH”, so for me it was a patient driven search.

So my journey took me to Dentaltown an online community where 40,000 dentists are signed up and discuss things like perio. Being a doubting Thomas I searched out “The Guy” you know the one “The guy” who always has something negative to say about every procedure or dental product you know “the guy” who always says “it didn’t work for me”. Well after many years of looking for “The Guy” I still haven’t found him. Still looking.

Fortunately the two knuckleheaded Gp’s that developed the LANAP protocol practice nearby so I would refer my hopeless cases to them every time it got harder and harder to refer, they would always try and sell me a laser, but I DIDN’T WANT A LASER!, I wanted to help my patients keep their teeth.

Then after seeing and understanding Ray Yuknas HUMAN histology, the FDA clearance that says “NEW CEMENTUM MEDIATED ATTACHMENT IN THE ABSENCE OF LONG JUNCTIONAL EPITHELIUM” the CRA 9.7 out of 10, never finding “THE Guy” on DT to say anything negative about the procedure or the laser, not being able to refer to anyone who had the laser, seeing my anecdotal case walk in the door every 3 months, I decided, I too wanted to help people keep their teeth. The rest is history you can go on this site to see my x-rays you would be shocked at what my perio readings are 12mm bleeding suppurating pockets going to 2mm healthy sulci, again INCREDIBLE RESULTS time after time. This is why I have NO problem recommending to my colleges this procedure.


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