Sunday, May 17, 2015

Gum surgery LANAP presentation to Dentists and Periodontists in LOS Ange...
Gum surgery should not be taken lightly.
This video was created to speak to dentists and periodontists regarding the alternative to gum surgery that is LANAP.  LANAP is an FDA cleared laser alternative to traditional gum surgery.  Gum disease is very common 50% of Americans have moderate to Severe Gum disease.   Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss.  Most people that lose their teeth loose them to gum disease.  Gum disease known as periodontitis has been linked to health problems like preterm low birth weight babies, diabetes, stroke, Cancer, Erectile Dysfunction, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and all inflammatory induced disease processes.  This video contains several periodontists talking about the laser alternative to gum disease and the science that proves that it can reverse and regenerate Early Moderate and Severe Periodontal disease.   Not all lasers can perform LANAP since the scientific studies have been done with the Periolase MVP7.  This month two systematic reviews of the literature have shown that LANAP should be considered as the first line of action in the Periodontal Regeneration.  Nice thing about the regeneration with the laser is that no scalpels are used no sutures are needed no biologics are used.  By not using bone graft materials the risk of rejection and the possible contamination with prions is not introduced. 

Dentists and periodontists should consider the old fashioned amputative scalpel Osseous Surgery is antiquated cruel and barbaric and in this authors opinion should not be done until at least LANAP has been given an opportunity to achieve some regeneration.  Traditional gum surgery can always be considered after the laser alternative has been done first.

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