Sunday, May 24, 2015

LAPIP Dental implant failure peri implantitis laser procedure

LAPIP Dental implant failure peri-implantitis laser procedure

LAPIP is a procedure for dental implants that are failing due to gum disease known as peri-implantitits.  LAPIP Laser Assisted Peri Implantitis Procedure is a laser technique utilizing the Periolase MVP7 an ND:Yag laser.  This presentation shows before and after LAPIP with before and after x-rays of dental implants that have failed with peri-implantitis.  Peri-implantitis is an infection around dental implants that is very common.  Peri-implantitis has been shown in the scientific literature to affect up to 50% of dental implants.  Dental implant infection is the primary cause of loss and failure of dental implants.  infected and failing dental implants can now be healed and reversed with the use of LAPIP laser assisted peri implant procedure.   LAPIP is economical and successful.  Cement Sepsis has been postulated in the dental literature to be a cause of infection around dental implants in this authors opinion is from periodontitis.  A video was lifted off of youtube and posted on facebook in the the group UK Dental Laser User Group.  Mark Cronshaw removed the video off of youtube and then uses derogatory comments on top  of my video with out posting the after video.  Several people like Don Coluzzi and Larry Nurin had negative comments regarding the procedure video that was lifted by Mark Cronshaw and posted without my permission on Facebook.  The video also shows why dental implants fail.  Reasons dental implants fail is that the implants get infected, screws break, abutments screws break, patient difficulty healing, not enough bone, poor quality of bone, smoking, excessive occlusal stress, hard bite, micro movement, implant flowering, abutments implant gap, FESS,  ENT exploration of dental implants inside the sinus. 

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