Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Frenectomy in Los Angeles with Laser Gum Dentist Periolase


Have you been told you need a Frenectomy?  Do you know it can be done with a laser?  

This video shows a Frenectomy being performed with a laser.  The laser that was used is the Periolase by Millennium Dental Technologies.  The Periolase MVP 7 is an ND:Yag Nedinium Yttrium Aluminum Garnet.  The setting that was used was 100 microseconds with 100 Hz repetition at 4 Watts average power.  The patient was anesthetized prior to this procedure with a local anesthetic.  The video shows the correct way of doing a frenectomy with a laser.  A frenectomy is a procedure to remove the frenum.  A Frenum is is a small fold of tissue that secures or restricts the motion of a mobile organ in the body.  Notice NO Bleeding occurs when the laser is used to remove the frenum.  Since no scalpels are used no sutures are needed to close the incision.  This is a bloodless procedure.  The video was filmed with a Global G6 Surgical microscope through a beem splitter connected to a Sony Nex 5 camera.


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