Wednesday, July 29, 2015

YELP Review of YELP Downey Dental Solutions Downey

Negative Yelp review of Downey Dentist Yelp is Evil

Jeremy Stoppelman is EVIL and has created an EVIL enterprise based on EXTORTION!  Please let him know what you think of YELP on YELP.  Go to YELP type in San Francisco then search for YELP.  Read all the reviews for YELP especially the filtered reviews.  Also look for the reviews of yelp that have been deleted.

This video is a review of a YELP review that has been posted on a dentist in Downey CA.  This Yelp review says slanderous things that are false unprofessional and done by another dentist less than a mile away from this Downey Dentist.  Downey Dental Solutions based in Downey is a dental office less than one mile from this Downey Dentist.  See the video piece together the defamatory and lewd comments posted throughout the internet. These slanderous comments have been posted on Google +.  This slanderous behavior has been exposed.  YELP has been told and they refuse to remove these lies.  Please take a moment and flag this review Than You

John McAllister DDS Inc

10917 Paramount Blvd

Downey CA 90241

Here are the links exposing  the slanderous, unprofessional, deceitful, false, disingenuous, lies perpetrated by Downey Dental Solutions dentist in Downey.  Dr. Sam Sham  Shahram Valiani take down these slanderous, unprofessional, deceitful, false, disingenuous, lies perpetrated by Downey Dental Solutions dentist in Downey.

Here is the YELP Review of Downey Dentist

Vince V on G+

Tim Cohen on Google +

goerge (GOERGE) gonzales on Google +

Tim C and Goerge G. review Downey Dental Solutions on YELP

Downey Dental Solutions reviews himself on Yellowbook

Please take a moment and flag the review on YELP

Thank You




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